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“Ecological Criticism and Queer Theory seem incompatible, but if they met, there would be a fantastic explosion.”  

-Timothy Morton

The sort of fantastic explosion described by Timothy Morton in his essay, “Queer Ecologies," occurred when the minds of artist lydon frank lettuce and citizen scientist val ray king met. lettuce, well studied in Queer Theory through an academic background, brought new perspective and a sense of excitement to king's material mycological cultivation projects. Invigorated by each other's respective fields and means of study (theoretic and material, academic and self educated), their conversations of entanglements, biological exhuberance and all things mushrooms lacked but one thing: a larger group of equally excitable minds.


“Sex, Death & Desire: A Queer Mycological Workshop” is an invitation to any and all interested in joining a larger conversation that craves the context of community: a conversation exploring Queer Ecology through the lens of Mycology. Combining theory, scientific study, light movement, somatic exercises, writing, reading, sharing and eye contact, lettuce and king ask participants to explore interconnectivity and intimacy as a form of resistance to structures of violent oppression. 


Workshop prices vary. 

Scholarships (free enrollment in booked workshops for financally disadvantaged persons) are included in every booking.

For more information or booking, send us an email!

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