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Have you ever wished your brain worked differently?

Have you ever distrusted the origins of your thoughts?

Do you long to be in control of your own programming?


Curiosity is powerful. To question the nature of reality can be deeply unsettling, but for those that do- and cannot stop- the possibilities abounds. Questions like the ones above propelled val ray king, founder and sole proprietor of Impending Doom Relief, into the world of DIY mycology and clandestine science. 

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Their introduction to mycology was by way of Psilocybin cubensis (which you can read more about herebut soon their interests evolved and expanded. In 10 years of self-managed education and innovation, they have excelled at the practice of cultivating and growing medicinal & culinary mushrooms of all kinds. 

Beyond farming, val ray's mycological practice involves modes of being, such as experimentations in embodiment and expressions of  biological exuberance. When we look to the mushrooms, we understand what a world with foundations in mutual reciprocity could be. When we look inside our own minds, we understand the similarities between what we see and the minds of the mycelium. There lies the potential. 

The potential to think differently.
The potential to reimagine the world.

Impending Doom Relief believes in the possibilities that reward curiosity.


your questions matter! send them my way!

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